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Names by Noush

is a luxury jewelry company created by Anousha Razavi who has been a jewelry designer for top luxury brands for many years. Names by Noush was created to represent the beauty of middle east to the western world in today’s geopolitical landscape.

Names by Noush also believes in the power of individuality and personal choices. After working for corporations for many years, our creator believes that customers should have more control over the their own product choices rather than allowing large corporations to make decision for them.

We custom create and produce each piece of jewelry uniquely for our clients. These pieces are created by much attention to detail and quality so that they can last a life time.

Anousha was born in Tehran, Iran to an entrepreneurial family who had big hopes and dreams for their children’s future. In search of a better life, her family migrated to Edmonton, Canada when she was 14 years old. Early on, it was very clear to her parents that she would flourish in the arts. From early childhood Anousha was making jewelry and selling them at local stores and markets. Upon graduating from high school, Anousha decided to pursue design as a career and studied industrial design at the University of Alberta.

Given her great appreciation for Italian designs, upon finishing her undergraduate degree, Anousha moved to Milan to attend Politecnico di Milano to learn more about design and entrepreneurship. She completed a Masters in Design Strategy, and relished the opportunity to combine her eye for design with her business mind.

After completing her first master’s degree, Anousha was handpicked to attend the Creative Academy on full scholarship. The Creative Academy is the exclusive school of the Richemont Group. With efficacious tools necessary to answer the constantly evolving demands of the design and production world, Creative Academy educates and trains a total of twenty designers per year. Upon finishing her studies at the Creative Academy, Anousha was selected by the Richemont Group for an internship with Mont Blanc in another exciting European city, Paris. After six months at Mont Blanc, Anousha decided to come back to North America.

Immediately after her return from Europe, Anousha moved to New York and worked for Tiffany & Co. where she learnt many of the important skills of the jewelry industry. For five years, she led the design department at Maison Birks, Canada’s most prestigious jewelry company.

Currently, Anousha resides in Los Angeles and is designing for many jewelry houses in North America, as well as directing the design team at Motif.me. Additionally, she has started Noush – a passion project that combines her love for jewelry design, her passion for her Persian culture, and her belief in the power of personalization and individual choices.

 Our process

Our website allow our customers to customize their desired piece of bauble. After the finalization of the choices of the customer, each order will be developed individually, with a lot of attention given to details involved in the technologically advanced 3-D programming system. Renders (computer-generated images) of each design will be sent to the customer for final approval before their piece is produced.

Upon the satisfaction of the client, we 3-D print a wax and produce each piece of jewelry by hand within 3 weeks with a lot of love in Los Angeles.


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