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Golden Daric Inspiration

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An exclusive personalized collection designed by Shiva Safai Inspired by Daric Coins

Noush Collections

Names by Noush was created to represent the beauty of middle east to the western world in today’s geopolitical landscape.

Names by Noush (Perso-Arabic)

Names by Noush (Roman)

Tiny Treasure

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Treasure Disk

Kashan Collection

A mesmerizing collection inspired by the heavenly ceiling in the Kashan Bazar

acceptance and respect between beliefs and religions

All symbols are designed equally in shape, size and materials; which represents that humans are all equal at their core, the differences are only in the colors and the details which makes each piece beautiful and unique.


Noush Essentials

gorgeous pieces
custom Designs

We care about our customers

Our website allow our customers to customize their desired piece of bauble. After the finalization of the choices of the customer, each order will be developed individually.

The Golden Daric Collection by Shiva Safai for Noush Jewelry
Golden Daric, represented the monetary standard of the ancient Persian Empire. 

For You

At Noush Jewelry, we provide high quality personalized jewelry created exclusively for each client. Feel free to contact us with custom requests.

We specialize in Persian, Arabic, Farsi typography. Each piece of jewelry is individually designed to the satisfaction of every single valued customer

Noush Jewelry

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