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Personalized Diamond Necklace for a Loved One

Something many people struggle with in the process of giving gifts is determining or deciding what is the perfect gift for a loved one. The dilemma most people face is the result of a number of reasons but prominent among which is the concern that the gift may not be good enough for the value of the person for whom it is meant.

Personalized Diamond Necklace

The personalized diamond necklace is a special order, specifically designed necklace that you can get for your partner ​and it is guaranteed to win their admiration with the snap of a finger. The exciting aspect of this special necklace is the fact that it is custom made, based on your specification and order. This necklace is available in solid gold or pave of diamonds and in two difference sizes here

personalized gift
personalized gift

Noush Jewelry, unlike most, also gives you the opportunity to literally build your own piece of jewelry from scratch until it is perfect in your eyes and for your partner. This gives you the freedom to choose the essentials and determine the minutest details to match your partner’s taste. Just play with our customizers in our pages to create the best necklace for you.

After you have selected all the details, the necklace is designed and before it is produced, it is sent to you for confirmation, to ensure that the specifics are in the right places.

If you are considering giving the best gift to a stylish girl, the best option we have for you is our Tiny treasure name necklace or our Tiny Treasure diamond gold necklace.  The best gift for newly weds, couples  and moms is our Tiny Treasure double name necklaces.


Custom Name Necklace

Here’s a chance to customize the prettiest and most delicate name necklace you can get on the Internet. Our service offers you the rare opportunity of making your own custom jewelry by offering you the chance to pick out the materials for the jewelry and decide what name is inscribed on it. This is in order to give our customers the opportunity to fashion something special for themselves by themselves. You no longer have to pick from a pool of generic fashionable jewelry when you can simply pick out the materials and design your jewelry to your taste. All we do is send you a mockup of the outcome for preview before we produce the final piece of jewelry. We are committed to providing you the best quality jewelry money can buy, and the opportunity to be a part of the making process.

personalized gift
personalized gift
personalized gift
personalized gift

Seeking for something to surprise your partner with? Are you interested in giving your sibling or parent something memorable to appreciate something they have done for you in the past? Try a custom name necklace today and watch them light up in a smile that fills the room. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what best to give that special one. Simply order a name necklace in solid 14 or 18k gold or with a pave of diamonds and they will appreciate it forever. Our custom pieces elicits a special feeling in the heart of the recipient and will be the best gift they receive.


Think no further about what to give that special person as a means of appreciation. With our custom necklace or bracelet, you can totally win their heart and love without having to break a sweat.


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