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Sample Sale, Co-exist - Om and Heart

$800.00 $550.00

This beautiful necklace features a diamond Om or a heart symbol on genuine gomestone stone.

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Todays special are two of our most popular Co-exist necklaces, A diamond heart on a mother of pearl and an Om sign on Lapis Lazuli.

Creating acceptance and respect between beliefs and religions is the central theme of this collection. All symbols are designed equally in shape, size, and materials; which represents that humans are all equal at their core, the differences are only in the colors and the details which make each piece beautiful and unique.

  • This beautiful necklace features a Mother of Pearl, or Lapis pendant with a diamond symbol in center
  • Rendered in 14K Yellow  Gold (3.0g), Diamonds, 0.10-0.15ct, Natural  Stone
  • Clasp closure
  • Made in United States of America
  • Ships immediately

This item measures 18″ and shortening rings on 15 and 16.5 inches long with a 12mm high charm.

* Clasp closure

* Made in United States of America

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14k Yellow Gold


Om on Lapis, Heart on Mother of Pearl, Heart on Pink Opol

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